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Saturday, July 13, 2019

What is BackLink and How to Build Quality Backlink ?

What is BackLink and How to Build Quality Backlink:-

You can understand how much backlinks are necessary for SEO. With this help a new website can also rank in Google SERP. Google has done several seminars to promote Hindi language and when a blogger asks questions about backlinks in this seminar, Google team says Google Algorithm does not check backlinks. Ranking is given according to the content here. But, it is not as far as I understand, Google still sees backlinks and if people do not see backlinks, then people do not run behind the PBN.

If the backlink of a new website is from the High DA PA site, it ranks quickly. If you are a regular visitor of this blog then you will know what is Backlink & how to create Backlink. But, new people probably do not know if you're a blogger, you still know about it. Well, today's post is going to talk in detail, how many backlinks are there and how to make them?

What is Backlink:-

Backlink is clear by its name that this is a link, yes it is a link that tells the way to go from one post to another or from one website to another. Like if any other link is placed in a blog post that is used with the help of Anchor Text. Whenever a user is on a webpage.

To understand Backlink correctly, many basic terms must be understood. SEO is a huge area in itself, here many processes are processed, one of which is backlink. The way backlink in SEO has changed. The first was the difference between directory submission and bookmarking, but now it is not so. Backlinks are made in a very different way in today's time. Before all these, we will know Basic Terms used for Backlink

Internal Link:-

It also works like backlinks but, the user spends on different pages of the same website here. If there is good traffic on a blog post, then you can link to the related posts here and it will also get traffic to other blog posts. The bounce rate of the blog / website is also lower than the internal link.

Link Juice:-

The advantage of the Do Follow Backlink is done on receipt. Link juice here means the connection from one website to another. When this link is Followed, Search Engine Boat comes to another website with the help of this link and crawls it too. This leads to the Domain Authority Improve.

High Quality Link:-

It is very important to understand it. What kind of link is a high quality link? High Quality Backlink, High DA PA and Quality Website. But now its way has changed. If this link is from a related website then it will work more. Google search engine is now ranking quickly, Because the user is always looking for The Best. In order to rank the site in Google, there should be backlink from the same website where the post is posted and the ranking is good.

Low Quality Link:-

Many times, when making a backlink, bloggers make a mistake, from where they do not have to backlink, buy backlinks from there. There are many websites on the internet that are selling backlinks. Never buy backlinks from such a website. Many times it has been seen that some people associate your website with a porn website. Their purpose is to spoil your ranking. Now, their website is not ranking in the top then they want to link your website to a low quality backlink and degrade your ranking so that their site is ranked.

Types of Backlink:-

Backlinks are of two types - DoFollow Backlink and NoFollow Backlink both work differently.

Do Follow Backlink:-

Link passes the Juice, so that the search engine crawls the link given in the finger backlink. To correct search engine ranking, Do Follow Backlink is essential. Whenever a backlink is made with the help of Anchor Text it is a Do Follow Link. There is no attribute in it.

<a href="your website url"> Link Text </a>

No Follow Backlink:-

This does not have to be linked to Link Juice. Referral Traffic can be found from such links, but, Organic Traffic does not get. It does not matter in SEO. It involves nofollow attribute. If you are also backlinking someone and there is a relayed content on the site, dofollow can backlink. But, if there is no related content then nofollow backlink should be given.

<a href="your website url" rel="nofollow"> Link Text </a>

How to make backlinks:-

Before creating a backlink, make sure the SEO and Spam Score of any website being backlinking. Many times they make or buy low quality backlinks to create backlinks for a new blog as soon as they are created. It will not be beneficial, rather, it will be damaged. To avoid such losses, check back before making a backlink. Do you have the advantage of backlinking from this website? We can make as many backmark as possible for a blog. But, there is nothing better than backlinks to get backlinks from the work website.

Blog Comment:-

After publishing a blog post, search the related Google and comment here, the awareness of the blog increases. This link does not have any special advantage as it is a Nofollow backlink. However, this is a related link and the user also reads the blog comment.

Quality Content:-

Why does a user visit a website? Both the user and the search engine want high quality and detail content. Content that solves the user's problem If the user's problem does not end, he will not return to your website again. The content is all in blogging. SEO can not do anything without High Quality Content.

Guest Post:-

All the big blog offers guest posts. People are moving fast towards the guest post. But, backlinks from here, do follow for a few days, nofollow it a few days later. Many times, it has been seen that author Name is removed by writing guest posts here. Other bloggers also do not want to dofollow backlink on unrelated Topic.


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