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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

UPSC Civil Service Examination may end with CSAT paper

UPSC Civil Service Examination may end with CSAT paper:
upsc exam ends with csat paper

UPSC civil service exam:

 UPSC Civil Service's preliminary examination is expected to change radical. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has proposed to abolish the Aptitude Test (C-SAT) in the Civil Services Examination by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Government of India. UPSC has stated in its proposal that the C-SAT paper is a waste of time. At the same time, UPSC has also proposed to the personnel and training department that the students who do not join the examination by filling the UPSC form and punishing them should be punished.

The waste of time is C-SAT:

Since 2011, the Civil Service Aptitude Test (C-SAT) paper was replaced by the optional Civil Services Examination Paper instead of the optional subjects paper. However, in the next round students are selected on the basis of other papers, in which the questions of current affairs and common knowledge are asked. The number of C-SAT paper is just qualifying which requires 33 percent marks in order to pass.

Benefits of Convent Students:

Because of the question of Reasoning and English, millions of students say that this paper only benefits the students of the convent and engineering. Since 2011, students are holding protest demonstrations about this paper. Many times, this protest has taken violent forms. Nearly nine years later, UPSC now feels that the C-SAT paper in Civil Services exams is a waste of time. UPSC officials say that the Aptitude test paper has been added to add to the UPSC syllabus only. It is a waste of time.

After heavy protest in 2015, the C-SAT paper was made just qualifying:

- Civil Service Aptitude Test 200 marks examination started in 2011

How to do CSAT Exam Crack?

The examination of the UPSC in our country's toughest examinations is included, and the date of this examination has been very close. Candidates have to go through several phases to be selected in the UPSC. A key step in these steps is also the Civil Services Aptitude test (CSAT). To cross this stage, the candidate has to achieve 33% marks. However, in order to be successful in this examination, any candidate will have to prepare to get more than this so that you do not get trapped. This examination will be held on August 7.

This paper is a total of 200 marks and you have to get 67 points to succeed in it. For every correct answer, you get 2.5 points and on incorrect answer (0.833) is negative marking. So read the law on paper after getting it. If you only attempts at 30 per cent of the questions you can succeed, but for that you have to be 100 per cent right.

Do not panic on getting a simple question ...

It happens so many times that when students see the simple question, students come into the Confidence. They reach the hasty conclusion. The difficult questions are a good sign for all those students who have made good preparation.

What can be the difference between 2015 and 2016?

A total of 80 questions were asked in the CSAT exam last year. Of which 30 were English, 25 reasons and 25 Maths. This time too there is hope that questions will be asked on this pattern. 23 questions of English were from Passage. The questions of Maths and Reasoning were time consuming for the past, so this time take special care of time. After all, you need only 33 percent marks for this test to be successful.

  Public Service Commission has issued a notification for the CDS 2 Examination (UPSC CDS Notification). Through the UPSC CDS Examination, 417 posts will be recruited. Applications for Combined Defense Services Examinations have begun. The last date for application is July 8, 2019. Interested people can apply on July 8 till 6 PM. The UPSC CDS Written Examination will be conducted on September 8, 2019. The UPSC organizes examinations every year for recruitment to the posts of Indian Military Service, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and Officers Training Academy.

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