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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The dream of becoming an IAS looks at all the students

The dream of becoming an IAS looks at all the students

The dream of becoming an IAS looks at all the students, but despite the preparation, only a few people succeed in this examination. The main reason for this is that among the most glamorous career, most young people still dream of becoming IAS, IPS or IFS. If the candidates in the top ten of the previous exams see candidates, most candidates are experts in their respective fields, but despite this, they have not been able to escape from the crises of this region. This examination becomes very difficult by the arrival of people of all areas. If you have passed the preliminary examination and are preparing for the main exam, then there is only a short time left for you. The exams begin on October 5. If you use the right time of the remaining time, then your preparation can be different from others and write a new set of success by performing better.

Every moment is important

Successful students in this exam believe that you will only be able to perform effective in the main examination only if you use the right time for the remaining time. Avoid reading new topics at this time and review a lot of what is still read. Revision is the key to success. Apart from this, first of all make a list of topics to be asked in this examination and plan your preparation accordingly. If you feel that there is some defect in your GS paper, which can be implemented in two days, it would be better for you to get ready for the first GS paper. After that, pay attention to other papers. You have to make such a plan yourself and have to implement it yourself. If you make such a plan with every subject, then you can succeed in making the right use of your remaining time.

Keeping GAP in mind

Successful people do not do any different work, but they do everything differently. If you have to score better in the main exam, then you have to think a little different to separate from the crowd. First of all, check when it's your optional subject. It is often seen that there is a gap of many days between two optional subjects. If there is such a situation with you then it would be better if you prepare your subjects for the remaining time and utilize the remaining time to revise other weak topics. This will give you some additional time to prepare for other topics.

In India, civil servants often face a negative image about themselves. Whether they are not working in any department, collectively they have to face the satire of being 'babu'. After all, who is this 'Babu'? A community which is a strong supporter of 'status quo'. It gives its full strength in hanging the decisions that do not have the power to change it. Incompetent to think out of leak and at the forefront of citing rules on talk-about. Completely indifferent and insensitive class, in whose eyes people are full of figures. This class, which considers himself a sahab, believes that only the country is running on his own. Governments come, go. The parties wins the election, they lose, but in the hands of the power of the power, they need this class. These are not experts. Whether it is rural development, or law, science and technology or petroleum, this is a common sense class, which is capable of working in every ministry. Among these civil servants, the biggest attraction is the IAS Babu's. Promotion of civil servants.

Accept and learn from your mistakes

The first step towards improving yourself is to accept your mistakes and weaknesses. If you are hurt by your last unsuccessful efforts, then analyze what you did wrong and start trying it too quickly to correct them. If you had taken an inappropriate alternative subject in the pre-examination, then there is no need to fear it if there is a need to change it in the current examination time. Study the new topic according to the courses given by the UPSC.

Facing your fear

Fear keeps you away from many things in life. It is a fear that also prevents you from dreaming about civil services and many people do not even think about trying the IAS test. Remember that "fear is only a mental condition" which can be conquered by an accurate preparation and skillful exercise. Prepare for the UPSC Examination with courage and enthusiasm and continuously test and practice for your personal development. Also keep in mind that your high personality and your balanced thinking in the UPSC interview is the key to your success.

Integrity and discipline can only succeed

Once the time has passed, do not waste it, do not waste it in vain works. Improve your productivity by learning the techniques of time management to prepare for the success of the IAS exam. When it comes to success in life, discipline full life is very important and the disciplined candidates in this examination of UPSC can achieve success.

Controlling yourself is a basic step 

Controlling yourself is a basic step towards self improvement. You are the owner of your life and it is not appropriate to blame circumstances or others for your failures, they are only excuses. If the child of a rickshaw puller, a waiter working in the restaurant, a visually impaired woman, physically handicapped person, or a continuously poorly performing student in the starting school or college can fulfill the dream of becoming a LIS officer, then You can also do it.

If you are topped in your first attempt in the examination which is considered as the country's toughest and biggest test then there will be no boundaries of surprise and happiness. Similar emotions are now coming inside Tina Dabi of Delhi, which became the IAS topper of 2015. The achievement of becoming an IAS topper in just 22 years of age and in its earlier effort is so great that Tina himself had to see the result several times to believe in it.

The first thing to do is to pass the IAS examination and it is also special to top it. In such a case, the question arises in everyone's mind that after all, what are the special qualities that make them top every one of the millions of participants in this examination every year. Hard work, sacrifice, self-confidence and passion are all necessary for achieving success in this examination, but is there anything that separates the toppers from the rest. Let.

How difficult is it to become an IAS?

IAS means that the examination of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is organized by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year for recruitment to the Indian Administrative Service. More than 10 lakh participants sat in the IAS examination in 2015, out of which only 1078 (178 people have been placed in the waiting list) people were declared successful. But on the basis of rank, only 180 people got the chance to become an IAS. The rest have been selected for IFS, IPS and IRS services. This shows why it is considered the hardest to become an IAS. Only 180 of the 10 million participants got the chance to become an IAS.

How to make an IAS topper:

Now think of yourself when it is so difficult to become an IAS, how difficult it will be to become an IAS topper. After all, what are the special things that make this great tester a topper? The answer is to look for the past few years with the IAS toppers. First of all, in the very first attempt, in the IAS 2015 topper, Tina Dabi is in the headlines.

Tina Dabi is the one who puts emphasis on success in this test, patience, hard work, discipline to be disheartened, and not to lose courage and not to leave hope and to have faith in yourself. Tina likes to read and she used to study 10-12 hours daily for the preparation of this examination. That is, the most important thing for success in civil service is that hard work, so one thing is to know that there is no shortcut to succeed in this examination, the more hard work, the more likely it is to succeed.

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