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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

How the Indian soldiers gave up the surgical strike

How the Indian soldiers gave up the surgical strike

Indian soldiers stormed the launch pond of the militants in Kashmir on 28-29 September 2016. This surgical strike was executed by 19 Para Commandos and on January 26 this year the entire team was honored and many officers were awarded medal. But how did Para Commandos carry out this entire surgical strike? The government has shared this entire operation story.

According to the media report, a colonel of 4th and 9th Battalion of Para Regiment, five Major, two Captain, a Subedar, two Nb Subedar, three Hav, a Lance Nayak and four Paratroopers carried out a surgical strike. Under the leadership of Major Rohit Suri, the team of eight Commandos left for Kashmir Kashmir on 28-29 September. Prior to the surgical strike, Major Suri asked Reiki of the entire area and the jawans to wait. At six o'clock in the morning, the Indian army broke down on the terrorists. Major Suri, in spite of knowing life, followed two terrorists an
d chased them near them.

Nb was on the subedar responsible for keeping watch on terrorists

Nawab Subedar Vijay Kumar was sent to Kashmir in a day before the surgical strike to keep an eye on the terrorists. During the surgical strike, Vijay Kumar killed two militants and killed his machine guns, regardless of his life. Even after this, a terrorist was firing in a sharp blow, which Vijay Kumar slapped with great bravery.

Surgical Strike

There is a special type of attack by a surgical strike force. The strategy is first designed in this attack. It takes special care of the time, place, number of commandos. The information of this campaign is kept very confidential, which is notified only to select people. Care is taken during the attack that attacks on the place where the target is targeted. There is no harm in civilian areas as well. It does not harm the resources of public place, infrastructure, traffic congestion or general democracy and its use.

Please tell that Ranbir Singh gave this information in the press conference after the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs Committee. He said that Pakistan is constantly violating Season Fire on the border. Intrusion has been done 20 times this year, but we have proven all attempts to be unsuccessful.

DGMO said that all these terrorists had planned a major attack on India. We gather information of the targets of the terrorists. They said that the operation is over. At the same time, Lieutenant General warned Pakistan that the DNA of the terrorists we will hand over to Pakistan and said that the Indian Army will not tolerate any attacks on its citizens.

 India has carried out surgical attacks on terrorist camps located across the Line of Control, in which terrorists have suffered heavy losses and many militants have been killed. Lt Gen Ranveer Singh, Director General, Military Operations, said about the sudden action taken by the army to target the terrorists. In the press conference convened in the funeral. External affairs ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup was also present at the press conference.

Information about the period of surgical attacks or the time and place it was carried out has not been shared immediately. Singh said, "Indian Army conducted surgical attacks on terror launch pads across the Line of Control last night. He also said that India is ready for any kind of situation.

Given the aggressive attacks adopted by India after the terrorist attack, Pakistan has increased its army on the border. Villagers of RS Pura sector say that a lot of movement was seen near the Pakistani border last night. At the same time, Pakistan's attitude towards Pakistan's border in border areas is also fearful of firing from Pakistan. In the evening, most of the border villages are better in their homes.

 After the Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force attacked Pakistan on 26th February. It is estimated that nearly 300 terrorists have been killed in this. There are several questions raised by the Opposition regarding this air strike. In the same way, the questions were raised when the Indian Army had entered into Pakistan on September 29, when it had a surgical strike. But now the matter is for the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP and the Congress are accusing each other of doing political on the air strikes made in Pakistan.

. This time too, to show courage and to give a lesson to Pakistan to teach lesson. Meanwhile, Abhishek Manu Singhvi counted the full list of surgical strikes before the Modi government. So let us tell you how often the surgical strike occurred before the Modi government and how many Pakistan soldiers and terrorists were killed in them.

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