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Monday, July 15, 2019

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended

Mission Chandrayaan-2:

{Mission Chandrayaan-2, halted due to technical difficulties, will announce new date soon}

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended Introduction:
India's dream of reaching the moon has been delayed for some time now. Actually, the mission to the moon was stopped just one hour before Chandrayaan-2 launch. ISRO suspended postponement due to technical difficulties in the launching system. ISRO said in its ongoing statement that the new date of launch will be announced soon. The counting of this launch, which will be held on Sunday 2.51, was stopped at midnight 1.55. However, there is a lot of confusion before the official confirmation by the Indian Space Agency to stop the launch. President Mr  Ramnath Kovind was also in  Harikota to see the launch of Chandrayaan-2.


Stopped due to technical difficulties Mission Chandrayaan-2,

 Launching Tolly  

Decision taken shortly before launch, new date will be announced soon

ISRO released the statement and said,

 the launch was in the system of trouble

With this mission,

 India becomes the fourth country in the world to reach the moon

 Launching New Declaration Afterwards:

The most powerful launch vehicle of the GSLV mark -... In the event of the launch of Chandrayaan-2, with the cost of Rs 978 crore with M-1 rocket, it took 54 days to reach the Moon. After complete practice related to launch last week, at 6.51 a.m., the countdown to its launch was started. Many scientists and experts have said that there has been some disappointment with the launch of the launch, but it is a good thing to know the technical flaw in time. They also expressed the hope of being announced early on of the new date.
Another official of ISRO said, "Launching is avoided due to technical shortcomings. It is not possible to launch within the launch window. The announcement of the new date of launch will be done later. "The space agency had earlier placed the date of launch in the first week of January, but later changed it to July 15.

The whole country was on the launch of Chandrayaan-2, and with its success, a golden emerald would be added in the history of India's space mission. With this mission, India becomes the fourth country in the world to reach the moon. However, it will have to wait a bit longer.

Chandrayaan-2 will not be sent till July 18:

According to ISRO, this mission has not been canceled. Soon its new date will be announced and this important mission will be executed. With this, India will knock on the moon for the first time. This will be India's fourth country to do so. This will be a great achievement for India, called space super power in the world.

The announcement of the date of launch for any mission of ISRO is the Space Physics Lab located at Trivandrum. This lab will release a new date to re-launch this mission. If Chandrayan-2's technical shortcomings are not launched until Thursday, then ISRO will have to wait till October.

 A few days after the mission was stopped, a statement from ISRO was issued. ISRO's Public Relations Officer (PRO) Gurprasad said, "There was a technical problem about an hour before launch in the launch vehicle system. For this reason, the launch of Chandrayaan 2 mission today has been postponed. The announcement of the new date of launch will be announced later.
Scientific decision, do not get frustrated
 Scientist Gauhar Raza tell-

Space scientist Gauhar Raza has said that this is a scientific decision, there is no need to be disappointed in it. This is the result of 70 years of experience that the malfunction was caught on time. Otherwise the launch of such a rocket vehicle is not less than a bomb. Holding the disturbance in time is also very big. Scientists will soon be able to give the duly informed information of the country to stop the mission. It may take about one month time to launch the mission again. He said that if the fuel is being leaked in the vehicle then it will have to be removed. Fuel can not be kept in the vehicle for a month.

'ISRO took the right decision'

Scientists say that ISRO has made the appropriate decision at the right time. The new date for launch of Chandrayaan-2 will be announced soon. ISRO has just made a formal statement. He will soon issue a detailed statement and give information about the problem. Since Parliament is running the session, the government can also give information on Monday to defame the mission by making a duly declaration on Monday.
India will become the fourth country to launch moon:

Chandrayaan2 will be launched from Satish Dhawan launch center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. With the success of the campaign, India will be the fourth country to land on the moon. Earlier, the US, China and Russia have landed their yachts. India had sent Chandrayaan-1 in 2008, which had carried out experiments while circling the moon for 10 months. The credit goes to this campaign for the search of water on the moon. ISRO chairperson Dr. K. Sivan has said that all the processes of this mission are being carried out smoothly.


 Chandrayaan-1 Moon Impact probe that strikes the moon's surface, the lander will gradually fall down. Landers will not perform any scientific activities. Lander and rover weighing around 1250 kg. Initially, Lander was expected by Russia to develop in collaboration with India. When Russia expressed its inability to develop Lander before 2015 So Indian officials decided to independently develop the lander. Russia was meant to cancel the lander. That mission profile will change. The initial configuration of the indigenous lander was completed in 2013 by the Space Application Center (SAC), Ahmedabad.

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended

Research team identified Landing Method for land landing on the Moon surface. And studied the technologies related to it. These technologies include high-resolution camera, navigation camera, hazard avoidance camera, a main liquid engine (800 newton) and ultimeter, velocity meter, accelerometer and software to run these components. Lander's main engine has been successfully tested for a period of 513 seconds. The closed-loop verification test of sensors and software is planned to be tested in mid-2016. Lander's engineering model began to undergo groundwater and air trials at the end of October 2016 in Chonlere in Chitradurga district of Karnataka. ISRO has made nearly 10 craters in Choice to help select the landing site and assess the capacity of the lender's sensor.

The most powerful rocket GSLV Mk-III is being used in the Chandrayaan-2 mission

ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 on the moon will discover what will surprise the world.

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