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Thursday, July 4, 2019

India vs Pakistan army comparison

Pakistan's army will kneel before India's war

Even if Pakistan has prepared a nuclear bomb, Pakistan can never compete against India's military front. India's power in water, space and air all three army is doubly and quadruple from Pakistan. Whenever it is a matter of India's war in Pakistan, tell the Indian Army's sting in the whole world. If you talk about the strength of the Indian Army, then he is ready to give a smash hit answer to Pakistan.

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 According to the latest data from the Global Firepower Index, India's footprint is 7 points higher than Pakistan. In a survey conducted on the strength of the army of the world, it has been said that Pakistan is ranked 13th in Army Power, whereas India is included in the first four in military power. That is, India is at fourth place among the four most powerful nations in the world.

National Desk After the Pulwama terror attack, the atmosphere of war is being created suddenly in India and Pakistan. People in India are making pressure on the government to eliminate the terrorists sitting in Pakistan and teach them a lesson. At the same time, it is reported from the media reports that Pakistan has started preparations for the war. Pak Army is planning to send war material for troops deployed on the border. Hospitals have also been asked to maintain medical aid. Let me tell you that after the Pulwama attack, Imran Khan had resorted to such an attack on India that he was making an atmosphere of war and was making a false allegation of joining the conspiracy of the Pulwama attack. Along with Imran, threatening to say that if war was imposed on them, then we would not even go back. Let us know about the strength of India and Pakistan ...

World's second largest army

- India's army is the world's second largest army. China has the largest army in the world. He has 22.60 lakh soldiers.

- According to the Global Firepower Index 2018, the Indian Army has been termed as the world's fourth most powerful army. Prior to that, only three countries are US, Russia and China. While this list is Pakistan's number 17th Army.

- India has 13.62 lakh active soldiers. It does not include the number of paramilitary soldiers.
- While the army of Pakistan is only 6.37 lakhs.

Strength of ballistic missile

India has BrahMos missile. Its range is 300 km. This is a cruise missile. It is like any fighter plane without a pilot. It flies very close to the surface of the ground. The enemy radars can not catch it.

Fire 5

- This is an intercontinental ballistic missile. Its range is 5000 km. They can kill China and the Philippines in the east and Italy in the west. Its JD comes in full Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and about half of Europ. It can only reach China in 20 minutes and can be catastrophic.
At the same time, Pakistan has only Shahin II missile in long distance name. Its range is only two and a half thousand km.

Sukhoi fighter jet

India's modern fighter jet can fly three thousand km at a time. It is considered the best fighter jet in the world. Indian Air Force currently has 250 Sukhoi aircraft

The power of the cannon

India has K9 Vajra and M-777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzers. 155 MM is an artillery gun that weighs only four tons and it is very easy to take it anywhere. It can fire from two rounds to 5 rounds in a minute. Its range is 24 km to 40 km.

New Delhi: Team India defeated arch-rivals Pakistan by 89 runs in the 22nd match of the World Cup 2019 on the basis of the Duckworth-Lewis system. It is also India's biggest victory over Pakistan in the World Cup history. After this, India's Home Minister Amit Shah congratulated the Indian team led by Virat Kohli on Twitter, in which he said that the strikes and consequences on Pakistan were the same. Congratulations to the Indian team for this fantastic performance. Every Indian is feeling proud and is celebrating this effective victory.

Pakistan and China have more nuclear weapons than India, despite this the threat of India remains credible. India is a responsible nuclear power. This has been said in a report

The report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI Yearbook 2018) has given many detailed statistics about nuclear weapons in India, Pakistan and China in 'Nuclear War Heads Not Delhi's War Fighting Weapon But Tool for Retellanion'. It has been said in the report that all the countries having nuclear weapons in the world are developing new nuclear weapon systems and modernizing their existing system. On the other hand, the people engaged in peacekeeping operations worldwide are declining.

The report claims that India has 130 to 140, Pakistan has 140 to 150 and China has 280 nuclear weapons.

According to the report, India, Pakistan, America, Russia, UK, France, China, Israel and North Korea had about 14,465 nuclear weapons till the beginning of the year 2018. Although this number is less compared to the beginning of 2017, because then these countries had a total of 14,935 nuclear weapons. The reason for this decline was the dedication of arms by Russia and the United States.

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