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Monday, July 1, 2019

Important Books For UPSC

                  Important Books For UPSC

To prepare for Civil Services, you have to go through basic, advanced study and current study in three stages. In it, NCERT books are considered to be the best source for basic studies. NCERT books work as a strong base to clear basics of all disciplines. These books are prepared under the supervision of experts and academicians in that area. The information and facts given in it are authentic. This is the reason that many questions in the UPSC are asked directly by the NCERT.

Students do not take seriously

Many students do not take NCERT's books seriously. She quickly moves forward with a look at all its sections and says that she read NCERT's books. By doing so, they do their harm because they are unable to answer the simple questions several times because they are not read seriously.

How to study NCERT

Students preparing UPSC should make serious note of every topic of each book of NCERT's 6-12 class by reading it seriously and making short notes. Whether the students are from any stream, they should not ignore the NCERT books. Concept with basics should also be cleared. After reading the textbook of NCERT, the relevant information and information on YouTube should be understood through video or by searching on Google, it should be noted separately in the notebook.

If all the books of NCERT read approximately 3 hours daily after getting focused and can cover all the subjects in three months.

It is said that there are two types of students in our country. The top ones who prepare for the UPSC and the others who do not prepare for the UPSC. If the UPSC speaks then Union Public Service Commision Examination to be included among the most prestigious services in our country. After being successful in the examination, people take responsibility as a magistrate of a district, officer in the police head and officer in any ministry. But are you aware of what should be done to prepare the UPSC and not what? Learn about some very important tips for preparing ...

1. Make a complete understanding of Syllabus ...

It is very important to understand the UPSC's examination structure. Not that your hard work is without any reason. Not only to see the syllabus of the UPSC but to empower him. It is also necessary to practice last year's question papers and make preparations for them accordingly.

2. Putting the habit of reading newspaper ...

Now with this, almost everyone will be aware that it can be beneficial to read the newspaper continuously. In this case if you talk to any successful UPSC Candidate, then he will keep reading the newspaper at the top.

3. Read books of NCERT ...

The UPSC examinations run mostly on a single path except for minor changes. In order to be successful in these examinations, books of NCERT must be read especially on social science books.
By the way, we have already read all these books in our school days, but these books need to be read again.

4. Choose the optional subject wisely ...

All the students who go to college and prepare for the UPSC should start preparing for the optional subject according to the previous year's questions and the syllabus of the UPSC. So that the candidates prepare for the optional subject already. Doing this makes them ahead of others.

Read books of famous writers ...

Now it can not be that you are busy preparing for the day-to-day syllabus and examinations. Apart from Syllabus, read the books of well-known writers who write on India's history and politics. By reading them, you have put your mind in it and you gather important information.

Need to read NCERT books?

Yes, and these are the reasons:
1. NCERT books are completely reliable, the information given in them can be taken as true and authentic.
2. For example, in NCERT books, the basic things about ancient, medieval and modern India and world history are included.
3. The language of these books is simple.
4. Sometimes NCERT books are sometimes asked questions.

Which version is better? New or old

Both versions are good enough. For example, the old book for modern Indian history written by Bipan Chandra is better because it raises many questions directly.

How do NCERT read books?

Go through the questions at the end of each chapter and then read the chapter, it will help in understanding the comparative significance of each subject and incident and there is more chance of asking questions about important topics.

How many points can I get if I read the NCERT textbooks?

It is impossible to guess on it, but reading NCERT can basically be strong, which can help you answer many questions directly or indirectly and earn points.

Is not it enough to read books like the modern history of the spectrum?

NCERT books are not only suitable for beginners but also very useful for modifying various topics as they provide comprehensive information about the subject in the shortest possible sentences. You can use these with other books for your preparation.

Need to make notes of NCERT books?

It is enough for the study to repeat and modify important points in the final phase of preparation.

How often should the NCERT books be read?

This depends on the level of understanding of a subject or event and its significance, if there is any doubt, then there should be no objection to repeating the subject. NCERT should start reading and understanding books from at least 3 months in advance, and keep the goal before starting (say 5 days for the modern NCERT book of modern India) and move on to the same strategy, so that you can focus your attention Can be centered.

Is it necessary to read the NICER Text Book class seven (7) to ten (10)?

Keep in mind that Reading of lower class textbooks is not difficult at all because they are very simple, and you can finish them in a week.

It is also a problem to take the time to read NCERT books in those who prepare while doing the job. It is more important for people with time constraints to understand that it is the only source that gives almost all basic information in a concise and simple way of topics, and it does not take much time to read them.

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