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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Trump warns Iran over uranium enrichment, the consequences will be as serious as never before?

 Trump warns Iran over uranium enrichment, the consequences will be as serious as never before:

According to the nuclear deal, Iran can enrich  3.67 percent uranium, which is sufficient for nuclear power plants. But to build weapons, culture should be 90 percent. At the same time the agreement said that Iran would not store more than 300 kg of uranium.


Iran's President Hassan Rohani has warned in a very strong tone that his country will enrich uranium, as much as it wants, and this work is starting on Sunday. This statement by Ruhani has increased the pressure on the United States to join the nuclear agreement and to save the agreement on other countries and to get a way out of American sanctions.

Donald Trump attributed the mistake of the speech to the teleprompter responsible, people did the troll:

Washington, Agency. US President Donald Trump has blamed teleprompter for his mistake in the speech given on the occasion of Independence Day. In his address to the Washington-based Lincoln Memorial, Trump had talked of capturing an airport during the American War of Independence. Referring to the year 1775, he said, 'Our army attacked in the air. He captured the airport. He did everything that must have been done. 'Although it is a well-known fact that there was no such thing as airports and aircraft in the 18th century.

Trouble is becoming a joke on Trump's Twitter for this mistake in the speech. People say that when the Wright brothers flew the first plane in 1903, how did the American revolutionaries take possession of the airport before that. Apart from occupying the airport, Trump's slogan was slammed on one more fact. During the speech, he also linked the fight of Fort Mc Henry to the freedom struggle. This battle took place in 1814, a few decades after the freedom struggle.

Do not use trams for HBO's recommendations, based on 'Game of Thrones;

Attorney General Bill Barr repeatedly reiterated that there was no snapshot between the 2016 campaign and Russia, after which Trump had a tweet using the inspired mimes on Thursday. However, they tweeted long before the report became public.

In the tweet, "No collusion, no observation (no clash, no obstacle) ... for lovers and radical Left Democrats now ... Game over." In response to Trump's tweet, Issuing a statement, he asked them to avoid such activities.

Quoting HBO, the Hollywood Reporter said, "We can understand the enthusiasm about the game of thrones because now the final season has come but we believe our intangible property should not be used for political purposes."

This is not the first time when HBO has expressed objection to Trump and his team to take inspiration from 'GOT'. In November last year, the President tweeted a photo with a slogan, it was like the popular slogan of 'Got'.

Donald Trump launches the US Army parade with the most powerful weapons, echoed around the world.

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