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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

US Elections 2020

US Elections 2020: Emphasized by Kamla Harris of Indian origin, for the black community:

Shillington American Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris has made a big announcement raising the issue of apartheid. He said that if he wins the elections in 2020, then a plan of about $ 100 billion will be unveiled. Under this scheme, the people of the black community will be given the right to house.

Hundreds of people reached;

He said that black communities living in America are entitled to home. He is the main part of the American economy. In his statement on Saturday, he said that the present government schemes have kept the black community out of all time. Hundreds of people reached the number to listen to Harris. During this, he addressed the women of the black community present in the crowd as good morning, my beautiful sisters.

Alert Tunisia, terrorist attacks on terror:

$ 25 thousand in aid

Under Harris's proposal, people who are living their lives on rent will be given a grant of $ 25,000 to buy a house. This will benefit about four lakh families. With the help of this proposal, Harris wants to end discrimination with the people of the community. This will help people in the loan process to buy the house.

7.1 magnitude earthquake in southern California, the most powerful earthquake in two decades:

American earthquake scientists told that the earthquake occurred at eight o'clock in the Richestrest at 19 minutes (International Time on Saturday late night at 3:20 pm). Before this, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes occurred in the same area.

Los Angeles:

An earthquake of 7.1 magnitudes occurred late on Friday in Southern California. This is the most powerful earthquake that came here in the last two decades. Due to the earthquake, power supply in many places in Los Angeles stalled. Although there is no information about the casualties or any other major losses.

American earthquake scientists told that the earthquake occurred at eight o'clock in the Richestrest at 19 minutes (International Time on Saturday late night at 3:20 pm). Before this, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude occurred in the same area. According to the 'US Geological Survey' (USGS), this earthquake was many times more powerful than the earthquake it had earlier. The earthquake was felt at a distance of 150 miles from Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this is the highest intensity earthquake since Southern California in the year 1999. In the year 1999, there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the Twenty nine Palms Marine Corps Base. Pinky  Panchal, an Indian American motel owner in the Riche strest said that the earthquake was so terrible and the motel was moving so loud that they felt that the roof would fall on them and those present there and they would not survive.

Due to this earthquake many buildings were cracked, fire broke out in many places, roads were broken. Weather scientists have warned that the earthquake is likely to cause further shocks. The 'America Geological Survey' said that the earthquake that struck a day earlier was "the first shock" by the earthquake on Friday.

 US delegates will talk on Europe, North Korea issue:

Washington A special representative from the US will be going to Belgium and Germany this week on nuclear disarmament in North Korea. On this occasion, US Representative Stephen Began will be meeting specially with the European officials. Began will be on a visit to Brussels on July 8 and 9. After this, on 10 and 11 July the meeting will be held with the European officials.

On Saturday, the US State Department issued a statement and said that this meeting has been put in place for an ongoing effort to try nuclear disarmament. This will include the representative of the Korean Peninsula Peace Lei du Houn. This meeting will be the first step taken after meeting in the civilian sector of US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong.

Significantly, on July one, both the heads of state had met in the civilian region between South Korea and North Korea. Both leaders have decided that proposals for nuclear disarmament will be made soon. It was the third meeting of Kim and Trump. Prior to this, Trump and Kim meet Singapore and Hanoi.

Alert Tunisia, terrorist attacks on terror:

After the meeting of Hanoi, Benitija, the bitterness grew between the two leaders. During this time North Korea tested a number of missiles, on which the US expressed displeasure. North Korea said that by the time the United States continues the ban in North Korea, it would be difficult to execute nuclear disarmament.

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