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Thursday, July 11, 2019

China's America, said, "Stay away from our islands

China's America, said, "Stay away from our islands and stop sending military aircraft."


 In a high-level meeting between China and the US on Saturday, China has said in a tone of tone from the US that it should stop sending ships and military aircraft near the islands in the South China Sea, which China tells itself. This meeting at the top level is being seen as preparation for the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of this month. Meeting between top diplomats and military heads of the two countries was held in Washington. In spite of China's objections, the US clarified its stand that wherever wherever international law permits, they will send the aircraft, send the vessel and continue their access to those places. In the end of September, the ships of the US and China were spared near a disputed island.

The United Nations says that the European Union may have the greatest advantage of the ongoing conflict between two major forces of the world. In the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report, the steps being taken against US and China from one side to another have been analyzed.

The report is titled: 

"The Trade War:

 The Pain and the Gain" means the business war profit loss. The report says that the charges against each other on behalf of the two countries are benefiting from the companies of those countries which are not directly affected.

It is estimated in the report that the EU can be the biggest beneficiary in this. Its companies may have an additional advantage of $ 70 billion due to this trade war. Last year, the US and China charged 360 billion dollars on two-way trade. US President Donald Trump started charging these charges after complaints of inappropriate methods, on which China reversed it.

Meanwhile, both countries want to remove the tension through negotiations so that they do not have to suffer any more. But if they do not deal with March 1, then American duty on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion will increase from 10 percent to 25 percent.

Pamela Coke Hamilton, chief of the International Business Division at UNCTAD, said in a statement: "Our analysis shows that two-way tariffs are not very effective in protecting domestic companies. They only work in limiting businesses from the targeted country. . " "The impact of the crisis on the charges between the US and China will be disastrous, the two-way trade of China-US will be reduced and companies from other countries will replace it."

It has been estimated in the report that 80% of the $ 250 billion worth of goods exported from China to the US will be acquired by other countries, while 12% will remain with China. Only 6 percent of this will go to US companies.

There will also be some $ 85 billion worth of goods exported to China from the US, on which China will charge fees based on the policy of 'Titas like'. In this, 85 percent of the share will go to account of companies from other countries, while 10 percent of American companies and 5 percent of the Chinese companies will get it.

UNCTAD says, "Companies that benefit from the trade war between Chinand the US are more competitive and they have the economic potential to replace Chinese and American companies."

The report indicates that the EU will get the most benefit. It is estimated that about $ 50 billion of Chinese exports and $ 20 billion in US exports can go into their account. The study report says countries like Japan, Mexico and Canada will benefit from $ 20 billion. It will have a lot of advantage to countries such as Australia, Brazil, India, the Philippines and Pakistan, which will depend on the size of their exports.

Whatever the business, this trade war will have a negative impact on the international trade. It will be especially felt in some markets. In this context, in the report of the UNCTAD, the soybean market has been mentioned where the effect of increase in fees has come to be felt. The advantage of this has happened to Brazil, which has already become China's main soybean supplier.

The report of the United Nations says, "Since the scope and duration of charges is unclear, Brazilian producers are not in a position to make investment decisions, they may invest today and they may be withdrawn in the near future. Then they will be in losses. " Meanwhile, Brazilian companies are beginning to get soybeans expensive, increasing their profits due to rising demand.

Donald Trump wants China to put more pressure on North Korea: White House:


Special envoy Song Tao of China's President Xi Jinping will go to North Korea on Friday to give information about the outcome of the recent National Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC). According to media reports, Song will probably give Shi's message to North Korea that she is in talks to stop her nuclear program. He will also give information about the subject matter of the conversation between the North Korea about the conversation with the Trump.

President Xi and Trump had focused primarily on North Korea in the talks held in Beijing last week. 

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in her daily press conference that the President certainly supports the fact that China played a big role in making maximum pressure on North Korea. China's envoy is traveling to North Korea at a time when Trump has completed his journey of five countries in Asia a few days ago. In this tour, Trump had urged Shiite to pressurize North Korea's dictator Kim Jong to stop the nuclear weapons program.

Sara said that President Trump certainly supports all the efforts of nuclear disarmament in North Korea and the participation of China in it. Trump welcomed China's decision on Twitter. Trump on Thursday tweeted that China is sending an envoy and delegation to North Korea, which is a big step. We will see what happens.

 India  took advantage of America and China's fight Due to trade war between the two countries, imposing tariff on each other, which affected the mutual business. I mean import and export from each other has become expensive. In this way, taking advantage of India, the two countries started exporting cheaper items. About 1000 billion rupees of goods were exported from India during June and September 2018.

Figures exported by Fio:

Increase in prices due to tariff war:

India's trade deficit with China in 2017-18 was 63.12 billion US dollarswhich was 51.11 billion in 2016-17. India has taken several steps to increase exports to China. Recently China approved Indian Basmati rice export.

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