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Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Qualify PCS Exam

                   How to Qualify PCS Exam

Candidates selected for the PCS (Provincial Civil Services) examination are made by the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission. In this examination lakhs of students join the number every year, in which some people get success in the examination. To achieve success many things have to be kept in mind. These are the most important study material, you can easily achieve success with the appropriate study material. When we take advice or guidelines from a successful or experienced candidate, we certainly get some new information.

                           Every moment is important

Time is the most precious and rare resource available in resources available for those wishing to become an IAS. For working professionals, who want to succeed in the world's most competitive competitive exam, this statement becomes more true. Therefore, it is important to make maximum use of available time for a full-time job-taker. If the shift is 8 hours as standard work hours, you will not be able to take out more than 3-4 hours to prepare for the examination of the IAS. Therefore it is important to use the amount of time you spend in a whole day. The best way is to use all your small breaks and cover everyday things such as newspapers and magazines during lunch breaks. Usually these materials are light subjects with daily incidents and stirring, so study time devoted to reading them is not needed. If you make personal notes or notes on the things you read in the day, then you will also get help. At the end of the day, a cursory look at the notes will give you information about all the events.
       How to become an IAS: How to prepare for the IAS test?

We all know that Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) organizes Civil Services Examination, and it is a tough and prestigious examination of the country. Even then, lakhs of young students prepare for this examination from every corner of the country and dream of becoming an IAS officer. If we look at the process and nature of this examination, we will find that to get success in this examination, we need to prepare with a precise strategy and arrangement. Generally speaking, if one candidate starts preparing for this examination from the graduation level, it is also possible that the probability of going to this service increases manifold, and the candidates can successfully set their future in this prestigious service.

           UPSC conducts examinations for these posts

Name of Examination Name Hindi Examination Name English Short Sign

1. Civil Service Examination CSE

2. Engineering Services Examination ESE

3. Combined Medical Services Examination, CMSE

4. Combined Defense Services Examination CDSE

5. National Defense Academy Service NDA

Naval Academy Examination NA

7. Special Class Railway Apprentice SCRA

8. Indian Forest Service Examination IFS

9. Indian Economic Service Examination IES

10. Indian Statistical Service Examination ISS

CGGA joint geological and geological examination

12. Central Armed Police Force (Assistant Commodity) Examination CAPF

      Be smart (study smart):

Another important aspect for the working professionals who prepare for the IAS exam is to understand your competition. UPSC Civil Services Examination is considered as the most competitive exam in the world. However at first glance, your competition may look difficult. It is a matter of note that only 30% of the total IAS candidates are seriously preparing for the exam. Many of these 30% of the serious candidates also choose 'safe-safe' subjects and go on the already examined and tested path and choose the option of general techniques and methods to succeed in the exam. If you want to overtake them and want to come out as a winner and you have to prepare for the IAS when the matter is ready, then you have to beat them intelligently. This means choosing the right alternative subjects for the IAS main exam with a strong knowledge base, working on your writing skills and personality.

Remember, the UPSC looks for winners who can handle the country efficiently. That's why it's your job to prove that you are the perfect candidate for this job. If you think that we have missed any other important tips which can help the working professionals succeed in the examination of the IAS, write your comment in the section below.

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