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Saturday, June 29, 2019

How to make HTML?

How to make HTML:

Today's time is Internet and whether you want to read or watch something on the website or create a website, but the name of the HTML must be heard, so this post of today is for you, in which you will know.
Now it will happen in your mind that what happens to this, then let me tell you that this is a language with the help of which you can create any Webpage, to explain it better, you will explain it with an example.

Now you are reading this post, so I mean that you have opened my website with the help of Internet and the text you are reading in it is all part of a web page written in HTML language And whenever you open any website in the world, it is written in the HTML itself.

What's the matter of HTML?

Now it will come in your mind that all of them are written in HTML itself? So the answer is that when it comes to sharing the information from one place to another with the help of Internet, the language that was created was HTML and it is explained to the web browser to read it, which is why Even the thing is written in HTML, it is visible to us as a web browser.

Now since the beginning all the browsers were created to show the HTML language, so since then the web browser only shows the HTML, so if it is easy to say in the words, you will be able to make the most of the world Notice that its final output result is HTML  only if you do not have HTML, then you will not understand.

Html is a markup language. Which is called Hypertext Markup Language. Html is the most used in making web pages. By using Html language, we explain to Web Browser how our information on the webpage should look like a user. The website you are currently reading is also done using Structure Html language. Hypertext and markup are two different words, whose definition is something like this.

Hypertext puts two web pages in one text inside each other. So that when a user clicks the text above it, then it will get it to the next webpage. Thus, the links available on web pages are called  hypertext.
Markup language is used to build any web page's structure. In addition to HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML XSLT etc. There is also markup language. But Html is the most commonly used language.

How to learn HTML?

The most important thing for learning HTML is to learn HTML tags. There are many types of codes in HTML. Which are called html tags. Which tells the browser, where and how to show the text written inside the tag in the web page. All of these HTML tags are already programmed in the computer. That's why, as soon as you give a command to help the browser with these codes, it immediately understands the language of this HTML tag and shows it in the web page. By the way, the list of Html tags is very long but some basic tages that are basically in use. is as follows.

The html tag is divided into two categories.

1. Paired tag - The second name of these tages is the Container tag. Which are used as Pair. That means these tags are both Opning and Closing tag.

For example- Html tag has the opening tag <html>, and Closing tag </ html>. Similar to the rest of the tag, they are close by forward slash.

It means you have to use both of these tags to use them correctly. Then you will be able to create a web page.

2. Unpaired tag-in tag is also called empty tag. They do not have any closing tag. line break tag <br/> This catagory comes in.

So hopefully, by now you have come to know what is html? What is html in hindi So let us learn how to create a basic web page using the Html language.

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