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Saturday, July 20, 2019

July 20, 2019

Sachin Tendulkar Century

Sachin Tendulkar Century

Sachin Tendulkar Century
A tweet has been tweeted about the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar on the Twitter handle of the International Cricket Council, on which the fans are fired. Tendulkar was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame on Thursday. Sachin is the sixth cricketer to join the 'Hall of Fame'. The ICC asked in tweets whether Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest cricketer in the world, this question has nothing to do with the fans.

Tweeted on behalf of the ICC, "There are new people joining the Little Master Hall of Fame! Is he the greatest cricketer of all time? ' What was then, fans on twitter started answering it Most people wrote this question as absurd, and wrote that this is also something to ask.

The name of Lord of Cricket, Tendulkar, has been included in the International Cricket Council's Hall of Fame with former South African fast bowler Allan Donald. Sachin, 46, is the sixth Indian to get a place in this prestigious list. Prior to him, Rahul Dravid received this honor in 2018.

Tendulkar said at the function organized in London, "It is a great honor for me." There is hardly any record of batting, which should not be recorded in the name of Sachin Tendulkar. The highest run of international cricket in the Century, the highest run is in Tendulkar's account. Tendulkar has scored 15921 runs in 200 Test matches at an average of 53.78, including his 51 Century. In addition, Sachin scored 18426 runs at an average of 44.83 in 463 one-day internationals, including his 49th century. Tendulkar, who has 100 centuries in international cricket, is the only batsman in the world.

List of some of Tendulkar's similar records ...

1. In Tendulkar's name in international cricket, there are 100 centuries. It seems impossible to break this record at the moment.

2. Tendulkar has played 200 Test matches. Tendulkar is the only cricketer in the world to score double century of Test cricket. In this list, Australian player Ricky Ponting, who retired, is retired. Ponting has 168 Test matches in his name.

3. The record of making the highest runs in Test cricket is also Tendulkar's name. He has scored 15921 runs in 200 Tests. There is no such player around Test cricket who can break it.

4. Tendulkar is the only player in the history of centurion of the Century. He has scored 51 Test centuries. Below them, this list contains Jacques Kallis whose name is 45 Century.

5. Sachin's name in ODI cricket is 49 centuries, while no other batsman is around him.

6. Sachin's name is 96 fifties in one-day cricket and he probably could not even break records because of his record

Sachin Tendulkar's first and last century

Sachin made his Test debut at the age of 17, and the special point of the match was that he played in his ideal Sunil Gavaskar pad Sachin Tendulkar, who has scored 100 centuries, is today 46 years old. He has scored 51 hundreds in Test matches and 49 hundreds in one-day internationals.

Sachin Tendulkar made his international debut at the age of 17. This century he made in Test match against England in Manchester. It was Tendulkar's ninth Test match and he scored an unbeaten 119. The special thing about this match was that he was playing his ideal Sunil Gavaskar pad in it.


For 39 years, just a month, Tendulkar scored his 100th and last international century. This century he made against Bangladesh in the one-day match in Mirpur. Despite their 114 runs, Bangladesh won this match. It was the century that he put in 7890 days after his first international hundred in 1990. Previously, 99th century Sachin had put it in the World Cup more than a year ago. During his 99th and 100th match, Tendulkar played 11 Tests and 12 ODIs. In this, he has scored eight half-centuries. Two times during this period, he had scored more than 90 runs. He made 80 runs in his 100th century on 102 balls but he got 36 balls to make the next 20 runs.


Thursday, July 18, 2019

July 18, 2019

Kulbhushan Jadhav is showing victory in ICJ

Kulbhushan Jadhav is showing victory in ICJ on his victory

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Jadhav will remain in Pakistan. This is our victory. Pakistan's media is also getting the tone of the government.

In the International Court (ICJ), Pakistan has got the defeat in Kulbhushan Jadhav case. The court has stayed the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav while pronouncing judgment in favor of India. The ICJ has asked Pakistan to reconsider this decision. While hearing the case, 15 out of 16 judges ruled in favor of India. That is, India won 15-1. Even though the ICJ has given Pakistan a crushing defeat, the government and its media are not ready to accept it.

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Jadhav will remain in Pakistan. This is our victory. Media out there is also telling it the victory of Pakistan.

Pakistan News website The News International gave the headline of the news that the ICJ rejected the plea for the release of Kulbhushan Jadhav. He further wrote that on Wednesday the ICJ rejected India's request to release and return Kulbhushan Jadhav.

On the other hand, Dawn of another media house in Pakistan wrote that the ICJ dismissed India's plea for return of Jadhav, allowing councilor access. At the same time he gave headlines of a second news that Pakistan failed. He wrote that India did not win the case.

The famous advocate Harish Salve of the country took only one rupee as fee for fighting Kulbhushan Jadhav's case in Pakistan's jurisdiction in the international court. At the same time, Pakistan spent more than Rs 20 crores on his lawyer to prove Jadhav as a spy.

The then External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had informed in a tweet on 15th May 2017 that Harish Salve had taken one rupee to fight Jadhav's case.

At the same time, the Pakistan government presented a budget document last year in the National Assembly of Parliament, which said that Khawar Qureshi, a lawyer fighting the case of Jadhav in the International Court of Justice (The ICJ) in The Hague has been given Rs 20 crores. Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cambridge, Qureshi is also the youngest lawyer to contest the case in ICJ.


Kulbhushan Jadhav case: India's biggest achievement, ICJ stops execution of execution

ICJ will not give Pakistan the order to review the sentence, will not be hanged

ICJ has ordered Pakistan to give congressional access to India till Jadhav

ICJ voted for India's favor with a majority of 15-1, the only Pakistani judge protested

Stop the sentence of hanging till the review of the sentence

ICJ ordered a majority of 15-1 that the stay on Jadhav's execution would continue till the review of the sentence. This means that Jadhav will remain in the custody of Pakistan only. Now Pakistan will have to provide consular access to India till Jadhav. In this way, the officers of India will be able to meet Jadhav .

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019

Biography of Narendra Modi

Biography of Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi ie Narendra Damodara Das Modi Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950 in a middle class family in Vadnagar village in Mahesana district of Gujarat. His mother's name was Hiraben Modi and father's name was Damdardas Mulchand Modi. Narendra Modi is India's 15th Prime Minister. He was sworn in as Prime Minister on May 26, 2014. Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime Minister of Independent India and the first person born in this post is Independent born in India.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi
Date of birth-   September 17, 1950
Birth place-   Vadnagar, Mehsana, Gujarat
Religion-        hindu
Education-    Gujarat University (1983), University of Delhi (1978), Open School of Education.
Name of wife-  Mrs. Jashodaben
Mother's name-  is Mrs. Heraben
Father's Name-  Shri Damodardas Moolchand Modi
Bhai Sister Soma Modi, Pankaj Modi, Prahlad Modi, Vasantben Hasmukhalal Modi
Prime Minister of India from May 26, 2014
Portfolio 16th Prime Minister of Gujarat, 14th Chief Minister of Varanasi Member of Lok Sabha, members of Maninagar Member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Alma mater
Delhi University
Gujarat University

About Narendra Damodardas Modi

India's current Prime Minister is Narendra Modi. He represents the Varanasi constituency in the Lok Sabha. He is the most prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He is considered a special strategist for his party. He has been Chief Minister of Gujarat for four consecutive times.

Narendra Modi's political career

There was always the enthusiasm of serving and helping the people in Narendra Modi.In the form of young boys, Narendra Modi volunteered to the soldiers at railway stations during the Indo-Pak war in 1965. In 1967, he served the affected people during the floods in Gujarat. Modi started working in the employee canteen of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation. After all, he has become a full-time supporter and a preacher, which is generally called the RSS 'propagandist'. Modi later trained in RSS camp in Nagpur. The basis for making a member of RSS is that if the Sangh has held any official position in the family, then he can take part in the training course. Narendra Modi was given the charge of the student wing. , Which is known as the All India Student Council (ABVP). His contribution to the emergency movement influenced senior political leaders. As a result, he was finally appointed as the regional organizer of the newly created Bharatiya Janata Party in Gujarat.

Narendra Modi was an accomplished organizer from a very young age. During the fall, he arranged for secret circulation of RSS manuals and also protested against emergency rule. During his RSS days, he met the leaders of two Jana Sanghs, Vasant Gajendragadkar and Nathlal Jaghada, who later established the BJP state association in Gujarat. In 1987, the RSS appointed Narendra Modi in politics by recommending his candidature in BJP. Modi's skill was recognized and he came to prominence after the management of Ekta Yatra for Murli Manohar Joshi.

Schemes started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana (for financial inclusion)

Clean India Mission (for clean public places and better sanitation facilities)

Paddy Minister's bright plan (provision of LPG to families living under BPL)

Prime Minister Agriculture Irrigation Scheme (efficiency in irrigation)

Prime Minister's Crop Insurance Scheme (crop loss insurance)

Initiative (LPG subsidy)

Currency Bank Scheme (Banking Services for Medium and Small Enterprises

Prime Minister Skill Development Scheme (for providing skill training to young workers)

Parliament Ideal Village Scheme (To strengthen Rural Infrastructure)

Make In India (To Promote Manufacturing Sector)

Poor Welfare Scheme (To address the needs of the welfare of the poor)

E-Basta (online learning platform)

Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana (financial empowerment of girls)

Read India increased India (to increase reading, writing and mathematical skills of children)

DDU (Deen Dayal Upadhyay) Rural Skill Scheme (vocational training to rural youth as part of 'Skill India' mission)

New floor plan (skill based training to madrasa students)

Stand up India (support for women and SC / ST communities)

Atal Pension Scheme (Pension Scheme for Unorganized Sector Staff)

Prime Minister's Security Insurance Scheme (Insurance against Accident)

Jeevan Jyoti Insurance Scheme (Life Insurance)

Sagar Mala Project (for the development of port infrastructure)

Smart city in India (urban infrastructure building)

Rurban Mission (modern facilities in villages)

Prime Minister's Accommodation Scheme (affordable housing for all)

Public Dispensary Scheme (provision of affordable medicines)

Digital India (for digitally equipped nation and economy)

Digilocker (online document protected)

School Nursery Plan (for Young Citizens and Vanimization Program by them)

Gold monetization plan (households in the economy include inactive gold stocks)

Monday, July 15, 2019

July 15, 2019

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended

Mission Chandrayaan-2:

{Mission Chandrayaan-2, halted due to technical difficulties, will announce new date soon}

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended Introduction:
India's dream of reaching the moon has been delayed for some time now. Actually, the mission to the moon was stopped just one hour before Chandrayaan-2 launch. ISRO suspended postponement due to technical difficulties in the launching system. ISRO said in its ongoing statement that the new date of launch will be announced soon. The counting of this launch, which will be held on Sunday 2.51, was stopped at midnight 1.55. However, there is a lot of confusion before the official confirmation by the Indian Space Agency to stop the launch. President Mr  Ramnath Kovind was also in  Harikota to see the launch of Chandrayaan-2.


Stopped due to technical difficulties Mission Chandrayaan-2,

 Launching Tolly  

Decision taken shortly before launch, new date will be announced soon

ISRO released the statement and said,

 the launch was in the system of trouble

With this mission,

 India becomes the fourth country in the world to reach the moon

 Launching New Declaration Afterwards:

The most powerful launch vehicle of the GSLV mark -... In the event of the launch of Chandrayaan-2, with the cost of Rs 978 crore with M-1 rocket, it took 54 days to reach the Moon. After complete practice related to launch last week, at 6.51 a.m., the countdown to its launch was started. Many scientists and experts have said that there has been some disappointment with the launch of the launch, but it is a good thing to know the technical flaw in time. They also expressed the hope of being announced early on of the new date.
Another official of ISRO said, "Launching is avoided due to technical shortcomings. It is not possible to launch within the launch window. The announcement of the new date of launch will be done later. "The space agency had earlier placed the date of launch in the first week of January, but later changed it to July 15.

The whole country was on the launch of Chandrayaan-2, and with its success, a golden emerald would be added in the history of India's space mission. With this mission, India becomes the fourth country in the world to reach the moon. However, it will have to wait a bit longer.

Chandrayaan-2 will not be sent till July 18:

According to ISRO, this mission has not been canceled. Soon its new date will be announced and this important mission will be executed. With this, India will knock on the moon for the first time. This will be India's fourth country to do so. This will be a great achievement for India, called space super power in the world.

The announcement of the date of launch for any mission of ISRO is the Space Physics Lab located at Trivandrum. This lab will release a new date to re-launch this mission. If Chandrayan-2's technical shortcomings are not launched until Thursday, then ISRO will have to wait till October.

 A few days after the mission was stopped, a statement from ISRO was issued. ISRO's Public Relations Officer (PRO) Gurprasad said, "There was a technical problem about an hour before launch in the launch vehicle system. For this reason, the launch of Chandrayaan 2 mission today has been postponed. The announcement of the new date of launch will be announced later.
Scientific decision, do not get frustrated
 Scientist Gauhar Raza tell-

Space scientist Gauhar Raza has said that this is a scientific decision, there is no need to be disappointed in it. This is the result of 70 years of experience that the malfunction was caught on time. Otherwise the launch of such a rocket vehicle is not less than a bomb. Holding the disturbance in time is also very big. Scientists will soon be able to give the duly informed information of the country to stop the mission. It may take about one month time to launch the mission again. He said that if the fuel is being leaked in the vehicle then it will have to be removed. Fuel can not be kept in the vehicle for a month.

'ISRO took the right decision'

Scientists say that ISRO has made the appropriate decision at the right time. The new date for launch of Chandrayaan-2 will be announced soon. ISRO has just made a formal statement. He will soon issue a detailed statement and give information about the problem. Since Parliament is running the session, the government can also give information on Monday to defame the mission by making a duly declaration on Monday.
India will become the fourth country to launch moon:

Chandrayaan2 will be launched from Satish Dhawan launch center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. With the success of the campaign, India will be the fourth country to land on the moon. Earlier, the US, China and Russia have landed their yachts. India had sent Chandrayaan-1 in 2008, which had carried out experiments while circling the moon for 10 months. The credit goes to this campaign for the search of water on the moon. ISRO chairperson Dr. K. Sivan has said that all the processes of this mission are being carried out smoothly.


 Chandrayaan-1 Moon Impact probe that strikes the moon's surface, the lander will gradually fall down. Landers will not perform any scientific activities. Lander and rover weighing around 1250 kg. Initially, Lander was expected by Russia to develop in collaboration with India. When Russia expressed its inability to develop Lander before 2015 So Indian officials decided to independently develop the lander. Russia was meant to cancel the lander. That mission profile will change. The initial configuration of the indigenous lander was completed in 2013 by the Space Application Center (SAC), Ahmedabad.

Mission Chandrayaan-2 ISRO Suspended

Research team identified Landing Method for land landing on the Moon surface. And studied the technologies related to it. These technologies include high-resolution camera, navigation camera, hazard avoidance camera, a main liquid engine (800 newton) and ultimeter, velocity meter, accelerometer and software to run these components. Lander's main engine has been successfully tested for a period of 513 seconds. The closed-loop verification test of sensors and software is planned to be tested in mid-2016. Lander's engineering model began to undergo groundwater and air trials at the end of October 2016 in Chonlere in Chitradurga district of Karnataka. ISRO has made nearly 10 craters in Choice to help select the landing site and assess the capacity of the lender's sensor.

The most powerful rocket GSLV Mk-III is being used in the Chandrayaan-2 mission

ISRO's Chandrayaan-2 on the moon will discover what will surprise the world.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 14, 2019


Trump separates America from Iran agreement to tease Obama 

British ambassador

British ambassador to Washington Kim Dreake believes that US President Donald Trump has separated his country from Iran's nuclear deal because the agreement was done by former President Barack Obama.


Britain's Ambassador to Washington Kim Dreake believes that US President Donald Trump has separated his country from Iran's nuclear deal because the agreement was done by former President Barack Obama. According to diplomatic cable leaked in May 2018, Dreake thinks, "The administration is engaged in diplomatic manipulation, especially due to ideological and personality reasons ... It was Obama's agreement.

The second batch of leaked cables has been published in the Mail on Sunday newspaper. Darek had to resign from the post after the first batch was published. Boris Johnson, the then British Foreign Minister, went to Washington in May 2018 to persuade Trump not to be separated from the nuclear deal. After the cable sent (in the message), Darek indicated that there was a difference in the Trump team regarding this decision. At the same time, he has also criticized the White House for the lack of long-term strategy.

Darek has written that they are not able to make the next strategy. The State Department's contact said this morning that there is no plan to negotiate with partners or supporters anywhere in Europe or the region. He had written that during talks with Johnson, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo did not discuss anything about the President's decision. According to the news published in the newspaper, Darek said that Pompeio also indicated that he tried to change Trump's mind but it could not be done.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

July 13, 2019

What is BackLink and How to Build Quality Backlink ?

What is BackLink and How to Build Quality Backlink:-

You can understand how much backlinks are necessary for SEO. With this help a new website can also rank in Google SERP. Google has done several seminars to promote Hindi language and when a blogger asks questions about backlinks in this seminar, Google team says Google Algorithm does not check backlinks. Ranking is given according to the content here. But, it is not as far as I understand, Google still sees backlinks and if people do not see backlinks, then people do not run behind the PBN.

If the backlink of a new website is from the High DA PA site, it ranks quickly. If you are a regular visitor of this blog then you will know what is Backlink & how to create Backlink. But, new people probably do not know if you're a blogger, you still know about it. Well, today's post is going to talk in detail, how many backlinks are there and how to make them?

What is Backlink:-

Backlink is clear by its name that this is a link, yes it is a link that tells the way to go from one post to another or from one website to another. Like if any other link is placed in a blog post that is used with the help of Anchor Text. Whenever a user is on a webpage.

To understand Backlink correctly, many basic terms must be understood. SEO is a huge area in itself, here many processes are processed, one of which is backlink. The way backlink in SEO has changed. The first was the difference between directory submission and bookmarking, but now it is not so. Backlinks are made in a very different way in today's time. Before all these, we will know Basic Terms used for Backlink

Internal Link:-

It also works like backlinks but, the user spends on different pages of the same website here. If there is good traffic on a blog post, then you can link to the related posts here and it will also get traffic to other blog posts. The bounce rate of the blog / website is also lower than the internal link.

Link Juice:-

The advantage of the Do Follow Backlink is done on receipt. Link juice here means the connection from one website to another. When this link is Followed, Search Engine Boat comes to another website with the help of this link and crawls it too. This leads to the Domain Authority Improve.

High Quality Link:-

It is very important to understand it. What kind of link is a high quality link? High Quality Backlink, High DA PA and Quality Website. But now its way has changed. If this link is from a related website then it will work more. Google search engine is now ranking quickly, Because the user is always looking for The Best. In order to rank the site in Google, there should be backlink from the same website where the post is posted and the ranking is good.

Low Quality Link:-

Many times, when making a backlink, bloggers make a mistake, from where they do not have to backlink, buy backlinks from there. There are many websites on the internet that are selling backlinks. Never buy backlinks from such a website. Many times it has been seen that some people associate your website with a porn website. Their purpose is to spoil your ranking. Now, their website is not ranking in the top then they want to link your website to a low quality backlink and degrade your ranking so that their site is ranked.

Types of Backlink:-

Backlinks are of two types - DoFollow Backlink and NoFollow Backlink both work differently.

Do Follow Backlink:-

Link passes the Juice, so that the search engine crawls the link given in the finger backlink. To correct search engine ranking, Do Follow Backlink is essential. Whenever a backlink is made with the help of Anchor Text it is a Do Follow Link. There is no attribute in it.

<a href="your website url"> Link Text </a>

No Follow Backlink:-

This does not have to be linked to Link Juice. Referral Traffic can be found from such links, but, Organic Traffic does not get. It does not matter in SEO. It involves nofollow attribute. If you are also backlinking someone and there is a relayed content on the site, dofollow can backlink. But, if there is no related content then nofollow backlink should be given.

<a href="your website url" rel="nofollow"> Link Text </a>

How to make backlinks:-

Before creating a backlink, make sure the SEO and Spam Score of any website being backlinking. Many times they make or buy low quality backlinks to create backlinks for a new blog as soon as they are created. It will not be beneficial, rather, it will be damaged. To avoid such losses, check back before making a backlink. Do you have the advantage of backlinking from this website? We can make as many backmark as possible for a blog. But, there is nothing better than backlinks to get backlinks from the work website.

Blog Comment:-

After publishing a blog post, search the related Google and comment here, the awareness of the blog increases. This link does not have any special advantage as it is a Nofollow backlink. However, this is a related link and the user also reads the blog comment.

Quality Content:-

Why does a user visit a website? Both the user and the search engine want high quality and detail content. Content that solves the user's problem If the user's problem does not end, he will not return to your website again. The content is all in blogging. SEO can not do anything without High Quality Content.

Guest Post:-

All the big blog offers guest posts. People are moving fast towards the guest post. But, backlinks from here, do follow for a few days, nofollow it a few days later. Many times, it has been seen that author Name is removed by writing guest posts here. Other bloggers also do not want to dofollow backlink on unrelated Topic.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

July 11, 2019

China's America, said, "Stay away from our islands

China's America, said, "Stay away from our islands and stop sending military aircraft."


 In a high-level meeting between China and the US on Saturday, China has said in a tone of tone from the US that it should stop sending ships and military aircraft near the islands in the South China Sea, which China tells itself. This meeting at the top level is being seen as preparation for the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of this month. Meeting between top diplomats and military heads of the two countries was held in Washington. In spite of China's objections, the US clarified its stand that wherever wherever international law permits, they will send the aircraft, send the vessel and continue their access to those places. In the end of September, the ships of the US and China were spared near a disputed island.

The United Nations says that the European Union may have the greatest advantage of the ongoing conflict between two major forces of the world. In the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) report, the steps being taken against US and China from one side to another have been analyzed.

The report is titled: 

"The Trade War:

 The Pain and the Gain" means the business war profit loss. The report says that the charges against each other on behalf of the two countries are benefiting from the companies of those countries which are not directly affected.

It is estimated in the report that the EU can be the biggest beneficiary in this. Its companies may have an additional advantage of $ 70 billion due to this trade war. Last year, the US and China charged 360 billion dollars on two-way trade. US President Donald Trump started charging these charges after complaints of inappropriate methods, on which China reversed it.

Meanwhile, both countries want to remove the tension through negotiations so that they do not have to suffer any more. But if they do not deal with March 1, then American duty on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion will increase from 10 percent to 25 percent.

Pamela Coke Hamilton, chief of the International Business Division at UNCTAD, said in a statement: "Our analysis shows that two-way tariffs are not very effective in protecting domestic companies. They only work in limiting businesses from the targeted country. . " "The impact of the crisis on the charges between the US and China will be disastrous, the two-way trade of China-US will be reduced and companies from other countries will replace it."

It has been estimated in the report that 80% of the $ 250 billion worth of goods exported from China to the US will be acquired by other countries, while 12% will remain with China. Only 6 percent of this will go to US companies.

There will also be some $ 85 billion worth of goods exported to China from the US, on which China will charge fees based on the policy of 'Titas like'. In this, 85 percent of the share will go to account of companies from other countries, while 10 percent of American companies and 5 percent of the Chinese companies will get it.

UNCTAD says, "Companies that benefit from the trade war between Chinand the US are more competitive and they have the economic potential to replace Chinese and American companies."

The report indicates that the EU will get the most benefit. It is estimated that about $ 50 billion of Chinese exports and $ 20 billion in US exports can go into their account. The study report says countries like Japan, Mexico and Canada will benefit from $ 20 billion. It will have a lot of advantage to countries such as Australia, Brazil, India, the Philippines and Pakistan, which will depend on the size of their exports.

Whatever the business, this trade war will have a negative impact on the international trade. It will be especially felt in some markets. In this context, in the report of the UNCTAD, the soybean market has been mentioned where the effect of increase in fees has come to be felt. The advantage of this has happened to Brazil, which has already become China's main soybean supplier.

The report of the United Nations says, "Since the scope and duration of charges is unclear, Brazilian producers are not in a position to make investment decisions, they may invest today and they may be withdrawn in the near future. Then they will be in losses. " Meanwhile, Brazilian companies are beginning to get soybeans expensive, increasing their profits due to rising demand.

Donald Trump wants China to put more pressure on North Korea: White House:


Special envoy Song Tao of China's President Xi Jinping will go to North Korea on Friday to give information about the outcome of the recent National Congress of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC). According to media reports, Song will probably give Shi's message to North Korea that she is in talks to stop her nuclear program. He will also give information about the subject matter of the conversation between the North Korea about the conversation with the Trump.

President Xi and Trump had focused primarily on North Korea in the talks held in Beijing last week. 

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in her daily press conference that the President certainly supports the fact that China played a big role in making maximum pressure on North Korea. China's envoy is traveling to North Korea at a time when Trump has completed his journey of five countries in Asia a few days ago. In this tour, Trump had urged Shiite to pressurize North Korea's dictator Kim Jong to stop the nuclear weapons program.

Sara said that President Trump certainly supports all the efforts of nuclear disarmament in North Korea and the participation of China in it. Trump welcomed China's decision on Twitter. Trump on Thursday tweeted that China is sending an envoy and delegation to North Korea, which is a big step. We will see what happens.

 India  took advantage of America and China's fight Due to trade war between the two countries, imposing tariff on each other, which affected the mutual business. I mean import and export from each other has become expensive. In this way, taking advantage of India, the two countries started exporting cheaper items. About 1000 billion rupees of goods were exported from India during June and September 2018.

Figures exported by Fio:

Increase in prices due to tariff war:

India's trade deficit with China in 2017-18 was 63.12 billion US dollarswhich was 51.11 billion in 2016-17. India has taken several steps to increase exports to China. Recently China approved Indian Basmati rice export.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 10, 2019

UPSC Civil Service Examination may end with CSAT paper

UPSC Civil Service Examination may end with CSAT paper:
upsc exam ends with csat paper

UPSC civil service exam:

 UPSC Civil Service's preliminary examination is expected to change radical. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has proposed to abolish the Aptitude Test (C-SAT) in the Civil Services Examination by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Government of India. UPSC has stated in its proposal that the C-SAT paper is a waste of time. At the same time, UPSC has also proposed to the personnel and training department that the students who do not join the examination by filling the UPSC form and punishing them should be punished.

The waste of time is C-SAT:

Since 2011, the Civil Service Aptitude Test (C-SAT) paper was replaced by the optional Civil Services Examination Paper instead of the optional subjects paper. However, in the next round students are selected on the basis of other papers, in which the questions of current affairs and common knowledge are asked. The number of C-SAT paper is just qualifying which requires 33 percent marks in order to pass.

Benefits of Convent Students:

Because of the question of Reasoning and English, millions of students say that this paper only benefits the students of the convent and engineering. Since 2011, students are holding protest demonstrations about this paper. Many times, this protest has taken violent forms. Nearly nine years later, UPSC now feels that the C-SAT paper in Civil Services exams is a waste of time. UPSC officials say that the Aptitude test paper has been added to add to the UPSC syllabus only. It is a waste of time.

After heavy protest in 2015, the C-SAT paper was made just qualifying:

- Civil Service Aptitude Test 200 marks examination started in 2011

How to do CSAT Exam Crack?

The examination of the UPSC in our country's toughest examinations is included, and the date of this examination has been very close. Candidates have to go through several phases to be selected in the UPSC. A key step in these steps is also the Civil Services Aptitude test (CSAT). To cross this stage, the candidate has to achieve 33% marks. However, in order to be successful in this examination, any candidate will have to prepare to get more than this so that you do not get trapped. This examination will be held on August 7.

This paper is a total of 200 marks and you have to get 67 points to succeed in it. For every correct answer, you get 2.5 points and on incorrect answer (0.833) is negative marking. So read the law on paper after getting it. If you only attempts at 30 per cent of the questions you can succeed, but for that you have to be 100 per cent right.

Do not panic on getting a simple question ...

It happens so many times that when students see the simple question, students come into the Confidence. They reach the hasty conclusion. The difficult questions are a good sign for all those students who have made good preparation.

What can be the difference between 2015 and 2016?

A total of 80 questions were asked in the CSAT exam last year. Of which 30 were English, 25 reasons and 25 Maths. This time too there is hope that questions will be asked on this pattern. 23 questions of English were from Passage. The questions of Maths and Reasoning were time consuming for the past, so this time take special care of time. After all, you need only 33 percent marks for this test to be successful.

  Public Service Commission has issued a notification for the CDS 2 Examination (UPSC CDS Notification). Through the UPSC CDS Examination, 417 posts will be recruited. Applications for Combined Defense Services Examinations have begun. The last date for application is July 8, 2019. Interested people can apply on July 8 till 6 PM. The UPSC CDS Written Examination will be conducted on September 8, 2019. The UPSC organizes examinations every year for recruitment to the posts of Indian Military Service, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and Officers Training Academy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

July 09, 2019

US Elections 2020

US Elections 2020: Emphasized by Kamla Harris of Indian origin, for the black community:

Shillington American Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris has made a big announcement raising the issue of apartheid. He said that if he wins the elections in 2020, then a plan of about $ 100 billion will be unveiled. Under this scheme, the people of the black community will be given the right to house.

Hundreds of people reached;

He said that black communities living in America are entitled to home. He is the main part of the American economy. In his statement on Saturday, he said that the present government schemes have kept the black community out of all time. Hundreds of people reached the number to listen to Harris. During this, he addressed the women of the black community present in the crowd as good morning, my beautiful sisters.

Alert Tunisia, terrorist attacks on terror:

$ 25 thousand in aid

Under Harris's proposal, people who are living their lives on rent will be given a grant of $ 25,000 to buy a house. This will benefit about four lakh families. With the help of this proposal, Harris wants to end discrimination with the people of the community. This will help people in the loan process to buy the house.

7.1 magnitude earthquake in southern California, the most powerful earthquake in two decades:

American earthquake scientists told that the earthquake occurred at eight o'clock in the Richestrest at 19 minutes (International Time on Saturday late night at 3:20 pm). Before this, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes occurred in the same area.

Los Angeles:

An earthquake of 7.1 magnitudes occurred late on Friday in Southern California. This is the most powerful earthquake that came here in the last two decades. Due to the earthquake, power supply in many places in Los Angeles stalled. Although there is no information about the casualties or any other major losses.

American earthquake scientists told that the earthquake occurred at eight o'clock in the Richestrest at 19 minutes (International Time on Saturday late night at 3:20 pm). Before this, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude occurred in the same area. According to the 'US Geological Survey' (USGS), this earthquake was many times more powerful than the earthquake it had earlier. The earthquake was felt at a distance of 150 miles from Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Times, this is the highest intensity earthquake since Southern California in the year 1999. In the year 1999, there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the Twenty nine Palms Marine Corps Base. Pinky  Panchal, an Indian American motel owner in the Riche strest said that the earthquake was so terrible and the motel was moving so loud that they felt that the roof would fall on them and those present there and they would not survive.

Due to this earthquake many buildings were cracked, fire broke out in many places, roads were broken. Weather scientists have warned that the earthquake is likely to cause further shocks. The 'America Geological Survey' said that the earthquake that struck a day earlier was "the first shock" by the earthquake on Friday.

 US delegates will talk on Europe, North Korea issue:

Washington A special representative from the US will be going to Belgium and Germany this week on nuclear disarmament in North Korea. On this occasion, US Representative Stephen Began will be meeting specially with the European officials. Began will be on a visit to Brussels on July 8 and 9. After this, on 10 and 11 July the meeting will be held with the European officials.

On Saturday, the US State Department issued a statement and said that this meeting has been put in place for an ongoing effort to try nuclear disarmament. This will include the representative of the Korean Peninsula Peace Lei du Houn. This meeting will be the first step taken after meeting in the civilian sector of US President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong.

Significantly, on July one, both the heads of state had met in the civilian region between South Korea and North Korea. Both leaders have decided that proposals for nuclear disarmament will be made soon. It was the third meeting of Kim and Trump. Prior to this, Trump and Kim meet Singapore and Hanoi.

Alert Tunisia, terrorist attacks on terror:

After the meeting of Hanoi, Benitija, the bitterness grew between the two leaders. During this time North Korea tested a number of missiles, on which the US expressed displeasure. North Korea said that by the time the United States continues the ban in North Korea, it would be difficult to execute nuclear disarmament.

Monday, July 8, 2019

July 08, 2019

Trump celebrates the Independence Day

Trump celebrates the Independence Day of America with military parade:

USA President Donald Trump celebrated Independence Day on Thursday and during this time a parade of the Washington was performed unprecedented in military strength. Trump has been the first USA president in more than 70 years to address the country on Independence Day. This move of Trump has been condemned by opposition Democratic leaders and on July 4, 1776, accused Britain of politicizing the declaration of independence from Britain. In this parade, the first lady Melanie Trump, Vice President Mike Pains, their cabinet colleagues and top military leadership were also with Trump.

Trump said during his address to "America's Salaam", "Today we have come together as a country. With this special salute to America, we are celebrating our history. We are honoring the brave men and women of the USA Army, proud of the heroes protecting our flag with pride. "Trump said that this American empowerment of the founders of the country has strengthened its people and this Jasba runs in the veins of every American patriot.

Demonstrators burned on Independence Day US flag, two agents of Secret Service injured in clashes:

On the other hand, during the address of President Donald Trump on the occasion of USA Independence Day, there was a clash between anti -trumpers and support groups after the incident of burning a USA flag in front of the White House. Meanwhile, two agents of law enforcement agency 'Secret Service' were injured. CNN told that Left Democrats burned the flag out of the White House. After this there was a clash between him and the Trump supporters.

A crowd was gathered to listen to fireworks at the National Mall and listen to Trump's speech at some distance from the place where these exhibitions took place. The Revolutionary Communist Party, the USA lit USA flag outside the White House and slogan "America was never great". Soon after, 'Secret Service' intervened and extinguished the fire. After this there was a clash with the group's pro-active protesters. During this, two agents of 'Secret Service' were injured and two protesters were arrested.

It is notable that Trump has been the first President of the United States in more than 70 years, who has addressed the country on Independence Day. This move of Trump has been condemned by opposition Democratic leaders and on July 4, 1776, accused Britain of politicizing the declaration of independence from Britain. At this parade, the first lady Melania Trump with Trump, Vice President Mike Pains, was her cabinet colleague and top military leadership.


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